Role of Integrity in Relation with Negative Emotions and Behavioral Problems among University Students

  • Mohsin Atta University of Sargodha
  • Samreen Umar Department of Psychology, University of Sargodha
  • Salma Naz Gul College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar
Keywords: integrity, negative emotions, aggression, bullying, shyness


This study was aimed at understanding the role of integrity in relationship of negative emotions with behaviour problems i.e. aggression, bullying, and shyness among university students. The sample consisted of two hundred and seventy (N= 270) university students, that comprised of one hundred and thirty-three (n=133) male and one hundred and thirty seven (n=137) female students of university. The convenient sampling technique was used for data collection. Study measures included, Urdu versions of integrity scale (Schlenker, 2008),aggression scale (Orpinas & Frankowski, 2001), and shyness scale (Cheek & Melichor, 1985) translated by Umar (2016), and Illinois bullying scale(Espelage & Holt, 2001)translated by Shujja and Atta (2013), and negative emotions subscale of Berkeley expressivity questionnaire (Gross & John, 1997) were used to measure the pertinent constructs. Pearson correlation showed the positive relationship between negative emotions and shyness behaviour problem. Hierarchical regression demonstrated that integrity did not moderate the relationship between negative emotions and behaviour problems including aggression, bullying, and shyness. Limitations, suggestions, and practical implications were also thoroughly discussed.