Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Project Success: Does Emotional Intelligence Matter

  • Mubashar Hassan Zia Sr. Lecturer, Faculty of Management Sciences, Riphah International University, Islamabad
  • Haroon Ahmed MS Research Scholar, Riphah International University, Islamabad
  • Amir Ishaque National University of Modern Languages, Peshawar Campus
Keywords: emotional intelligence, project success, personality traits


The purpose of this academic research was to investigate the connectedness between conscientiousness, extraversion and project success underpins trait theory. In doing so, additional investigation was made whether Emotional Intelligence (EI) strengthens or weakens the relationship of conscientiousness, extraversion as antecedents of a project success. A deductive approach was applied to validate a theoretically derived research model coupled with moderation impact as novelty. In this study convenient sampling technique was used; a self-administrated survey conducted and collected 279 useable responses for quantitative analysis. To test the hypothesized relationships PROCESS Macro v3.0 by Andrew F. Hayes Model 1 devised as a regression analysis methodology. The statistical results indicate conscientiousness, extraversion and emotional intelligence (EI) significantly predicting Project Success in direct relationships. Moderation Interaction terms for emotional intelligence (EI) with extraversion and conscientiousness both predicting project success significantly as conditional effect. This research provides implications and future direction for researchers and practitioners to explore new avenues by changing methodology, increasing sample size and studying diverse industries as well as other aspects of demographics like; whether project leadership role is moderating these relationship or project team diluting effect.