Pakistani Media and Its Positive Effects: The Study of Children Selected Cartoons

  • Sarwat Rehman Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
Keywords: Pakistani media, cartoon programs, social action theory, cultivation theory


Pakistani media has tried to present positive themes for the children of the country. The country has seen terrorism which affected every field of life and the country law and order situation was at stake. The upbringing of children in such a situation is very dangerous as they are getting only negative messages from the society. The media has a great quality to influence the mind of the growing, even mature, children. There is a dire need of some campaign to break the negative atmosphere and divert the attention of children towards the positive aspects of life. The three cartoon programs Quaid Say Baatain (2013), Burka Avenger(2013), and 3 Bahadur (2015) have done a great job. The researcher will analyze these three cartoon programs in the light of Social Action theory by Anderson and Meyer and Cultivation Theory by George Gerbner. The purpose of the study is to bring to light the positive image of the Pakistani society through media.