Sex Differences in Displaying Level of Empathy in Pakistani Adults

  • Nazia Iqbal International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Naila Aslam International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Uzma Masroor Bahria University, Islamabad
Keywords: empathy, empathy level, distinctive capacity, employees, telecommunication sector


Empathy is a distinctive capacity of the human being in which a person feels every aspect of others as his/her own. The objective of the research is to find out empathy in the adults of Pakistan. Is its level increasing or decreasing with time and to explore that whether this type of human emotion is much prevalent in males or in females. . Research shows that pro- social behavior and role taking has positive relation with empathy. Total one hundred and fifty (N=150) individuals with age ranged from 19-40 participated in this research study. About 96 were females and 54 were males. This sample was collected from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A scale is used to measure empathy level in adults. Results indicate that there are no significant differences in adults of different age groups. It was found that females scored higher on empathy scale as compared to males. Implications of the research findings for future research on Pakistani adolescents are discussed.