Investigation of Bullying Controlling Strategies by Primary School Teachers at District Haripur

  • Fazal Hakim University of Haripur
  • Syed Afzal Shah University of Haripur
Keywords: education, bullying, primary school


The current study was conducted to investigate the use of bullying strategies by the primary school teachers at District Haripur. The aim of this study was to identify the most frequently used bullying strategies as well as the least used bullying prevention strategies by the primary school teachers at District Haripur. Survey research design was used to conduct the study. Convenient sampling technique was used to collect the required information about the bullying controlling strategies from a sample of fifty primary school teachers. A questionnaire comprising of twelve (12) items was used to collecting the required information which was validated by experts. Percentage was used for the purpose of analyse of data. Results indicated that teachers make sure that there is safe physical environment so that there is no bullying in the class followed by clear instructions to the students before the start of any activity. They are provided awareness creation program available for the teachers.