Examining the Predictive Role of Mindfulness in Forgiveness and Happiness among Psychiatric Patients

  • Momina Abid Special Education Department Government of the Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: mindfulness, forgiveness, happiness, mental health


Mindfulness allows human to experience feelings such as forgiveness and happiness leading to an overall increase in wellbeing. Present study was carried out to explore the predictive role of mindfulness in forgiveness and happiness among psychiatric patients. It was also aimed to find out the level of mindfulness, forgiveness and happiness in patients with psychiatric disorders. Cross Sectional Research Design was selected. Study conducted in different government hospitals of Multan and completed in 6 months from January 2015 to June 2015.Through random sampling 150 diagnosed patients were taken from differ hospitals of Multan. Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (Brown & Ryan, 2003), Heartland Forgiveness Scale (Thompson et al., 2005) and Subjective Happiness Scale (Lyubomirsky & Lepper, 1999) was used in present research. Result indicated that mindfulness was positively and strongly correlated with forgiveness and happiness. Findings depict that level of mindfulness and forgiveness was different in patients with psychiatric disorders but no differences were found on the level of happiness .Current study concludes that mindfulness has significant positive relationship with forgiveness and happiness. Mindfulness has significant impact on forgiveness and happiness. Findings also conclude that significant differences in the level of mindfulness and forgiveness among patient with different psychiatric disorders. But no significant differences were found in the level of happiness among patient with different psychiatric disorders. Current research supports us to understand the significance of mindfulness, by embracing level of mindfulness, individual can also embrace tendency of forgiveness, happiness, peace, hope, gratitude and joy these are path that lead to mental health.