The Way Women Leads Educational Industries: An Evaluation of Female Leadership Style

  • Shadiya Mohamed Saleh Baqutayan University Technology Malaysia
  • Fauziah Raji University Technology Malaysia
Keywords: leadership, women leadership, managing interactions between employees


Leadership is a topic that comes up in most discussions, yet the focus is mainly on male’s leadership as role models, and it has avoided the female leadership style. Thus this qualitative paper focuses on the female leadership effectiveness in Malaysia. The purpose is to gain more understanding about female leadership style as a socially constructed phenomenon at organizational level. Thus, it examines how female leaders interacted with their organization members. The study was conducted across a small number of women leaders in education industry who are policy makers among Malay Muslim origin of their experiences in leadership positions. The data were analyzed accordingly; the result concluded that the monitor, coach, face-to-face communication, bottom line management, and observation are the dominant leadership style in the education sector of Malaysia.