Relationship Between Authentic Leadership, Work Engagement and Job Stress among Employees of Telecommunication Organizations

  • Fatoom Dar Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
  • Imran Bukhari Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
  • Mahak Hamid Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
Keywords: authentic leadership, work engagement, job stress, employees, telecommunication sector


The present study aimed to study the relationship between the perception of authentic leadership, work engagement and job stress among the employees of telecommunication sector in the Rawalpindi/ Islamabad region of Pakistan. The sample consisted of 200 employees taken from different telecommunication sectors from Rawalpindi/ Islamabad, ranging between ages 22- 60. Authentic leadership questionnaire by Walumbwa Wang, Wang, & Schaubroeck (2010) to measure authentic leadership, work engagement scale by Schaufeli, Salanova, Gonzalez-Roma, and Bakker (2001) to measure employee engagement at work and job stress scale by Parker and De-Cotiis (1983) to measure job stress was used. The results of the present study showed that significant positive correlation exist between authentic leadership, work engagement (.49**) and its dimensions vigor (.36**), dedication (.39**), and absorption (.53). In the present study results of regression analysis showed that authentic leadership was the significant predictor of work engagement and its dimensions. While no significant. relation was found between authentic leadership and job stress, as well as job stress and work engagement. Male employees rated themselves high on self- assessment questionnaire of authentic leadership. Women rated themselves higher on job stress while men rated themselves higher on work engagement. No significant age, experience, income or educational differences were found.