Job Satisfaction Among Public and Private School Teachers

  • Maher Bano Preston University Peshawar
  • Syeda Kaniz Fatima Haider University of Peshawar
  • Alay Ahmad Preston University Peshawar
Keywords: Teachers, Job Satisfaction, Public school, Private school


This paper compares job satisfaction of private and public school teachers in Peshawar. Sample comprised of sixty (N=60) teachers of both genders ranging in age from 25-50 years. Thirty (n=30) were public school teachers including fifteen (n=15 male) and fifteen (n=15) female teachers, thirty (n=30) private school teachers they included fifteen (n=15) male and fifteen (n=15) female teachers. The data was collected through non-probability sampling technique from Mardan city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A questionnaire was constructed for the purpose of measuring Job satisfaction for teachers. The alpha reliability coefficient was significantly high, thus ensuring the reliability of the scale. The results showed that public teachers are more satisfied with their job as compared to teachers working in private schools. It was further revealed that there was no significant difference between male and female teachers working in public schools and private schools.